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Spring Forward

Winter dragged its feel longer than usual this year. The first day of spring came and went, yet the dreariness continued well into April. There was even a minor snow storm on April Fool’s Day, bringing to mind the epic blizzard of 1997. I remember that one well, having worked through the night to finish a problem set, only to find that class had been canceled and normally busy Memorial Drive had turned into a white graveyard. But winter must go; celestial mechanics ensures of it.

With the warmth came the myriad of tiny buds and the gradual greening of hitherto bare and lifeless branches. Then seemingly overnight, it happened.  Riotous explosions of color covered the trees, carpeted the ground and dotted the otherwise drab front yards. With the transformation of the landscape and the Bruins thick in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs, there is no better season than the spring (although the autumn accompanied by the start of the hockey season is a serious contender, losing out only because it is all too brief).

There is really no best single place to go enjoy the spring, because it occurs all around you. Here are some springtime pictures from various places in and around Boston.