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Costa Rica Day 7 (Monday) - San Jose

The flight was to be at 13:00 so we planned on departing no later than 10:30.  That left us about 1h after breakfast to explore downtown San Jose.  We were 4 blocks away from the Jade Museum, which owns the largest collection of Pre-Columbian jade artifacts anywhere. Unfortunately a museum was out of the question given the time constraint.

Parque Morazán

There are quite a few pleasant green spaces which serve to provide respite in the brick and concrete jungle.  Our first stops were parks.  Parque Morazán features a rotunda which serves as a bandstand and the unofficial symbol of San Jose. Parque España is particularly nice, with tall shade trees and statuaries. One is of Juan Vásquez de Coronado, remembered as the colonizer of Costa Rica.

Avenida Central is closed to traffic.  As we walked about, we found out that a few other streets are also pedestrian-only in the downtown area.  This arrangement gives foot traffic the preferential treatment and is an excellent idea.  The area was packed with locals, even on a Sunday night when we arrived.  We wanted to make it to Mercado Central, but unfortunately ran out of time only a few blocks away.

San Jose has its interesting sides, but we’d much prefer to be in the forest and countryside. Unfortunately, it was time to go.  Hopefully, we will be able to come back soon.

A walk in downtown San Jose