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The Audubon Habitat Sanctuary

I’ve been discovering more and more of the amazing gems that are the Audubon sanctuaries.  Recently I visited the Ipswich River sanctuary and the Broadmoor sanctuary, both of which are amazing for the scenery and wildlife they contain.  Yet I’m surprised to learn that there are sanctuaries much closer to home, some right around the corner.  The Habitat sanctuary is no more than 10 minutes from my place. I had biked or driven past this area before without knowing that it existed.  I would bet that it is also unknown to most of the thousands of commuters who ply busy Route 2 every day, just steps away from the sanctuary.

The Habitat is a quiet enclave, nestled between suburban streets, houses and even the football field of the nearby high school.  Yet it is typical of Audubon sanctuaries in that once you’re inside, you’re virtually cut off from the outside world, except for occasional glimpses of the obnoxiously bright houses.  Many things can be found here, including a pond with an island in the middle, birch stands, wide meadows, open glades, a boardwalk, even a greenhouse.  A walk here is a return to the tranquility that existed before they put a 6-lane highway through it.

I’ll have more to write about the Audubon sanctuaries in the future.

Birch stand

This hawk was perched in the garden, unperturbed while a couple of purple finches screeched at it

A blue heron hunting in the Turtle Pond