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Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

File this as another in the category of “places I’ve gone by hundreds of times while being clueless that it exists”.  This is just steps away from historic Concord Center, which is popular with tourists and cyclists alike.  The Old North Bridge, site of the confrontation that led to “the shot heard around the world”, is about 5 minutes away, while Thoreau’s Walden Pond is just down the road.  On a nice day, you’d see a constant train of cyclists going around the rotary on their way to the north and west suburbs.   Or a long line of parked cars on the bridge, whose owners are floating somewhere on the Concord River in a canoe or kayak.

After the chaos and excitement that was the Bruins Stanley Cup parade, we decided to stop here for some relaxation and hopefully catch a heron or two.  ”We’re going to see 7,“ Kate said, wishfully.  It turned out that we only saw 4 herons. But the ubiquitous red-winged blackbirds abounded in these marshes (according to Tanya, they should technically be called red-shouldered blackbirds).  Not advertised were the billions of mosquitoes who swarmed and attacked us at every available opportunity.  I lost count of how many mosquitoes I swatted, it couldn’t have been fewer than about 1500.  Unfortunately herons don’t prey on mosquitoes.  My tree swallow and bat friends, where were you?  Next time, I will have to bring a head net.