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Hiking Mount Misery

We went for a short hike over the long Labor Day weekend. To get there we drove through very picturesque Lincoln Center. Note to self: come back here for a bike ride in the fall. The trail head is located at the back of the very unremarkable parking lot for the local commuter train station.

Despite its formidable and romantic name, Mount Misery is anything but. It’s a relatively small hill which barely rises above the tree line. However, the trail leading to it, albeit short, is full of highlights. We were greeted by several of the shy and elusive blue birds. Very tall coniferous trees line both sides of the trail and lush ferns cover the ground. This part brings me back to Sequoia National Park. Another stretch bisects a field of goldenrods buzzing with an army of honeybees. The trail runs through Lindentree Farms, complete with rusty old tractors and a chicken coop. It was the first time I’ve walked through a farm!

Here are some excellent directions.