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Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Broadmoor is another outstanding Audubon sanctuary.  Though to be fair, none of the Audubon properties we’ve visited in Massachusetts has disappointed us yet.  Despite sounding like something out of The Hounds of the Baskervilles, Broadmoor is situated in a tranquil setting along the bank of the Indian Brook,which flows into the meandering Charles River.  In fact, part of the sanctuary borders the Charles.


Broadmoor comprises of ponds, vernal pools, meadows, tall forests, hillocks, stone bridges, small cascades, and lots of boardwalks.  If you like boardwalks—who doesn’t—this is for you.  While Moose Hill has picturesque boardwalks and Ipswich has fun boardwalks (including some boardwalk/bridge combo which we’d propose be christened “boardbridge”), Broadmoor’s boardwalks expand into wide platforms which give you more room to lounge on while enjoying the spectacular views.

Unfortunately we didn’t see many of our avian friends the last time we were there.  But I had a bit of fun with the miniature waterfalls at Mill Pond. The rust-colored water laced with reflections of the blue sky gives it an interesting variegated appearance.