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Berkshires 2010

Some highlights during my visit to the Berkshires in the autumn of 2010:

The Cascade (map): Trail head begins at the end of a very suburban road.  Very limited street parking (think 2-3 spaces, depending on the skills of the driver).  A short hike takes you over a nice wooden bridge as well as a fallen log-bridge.  The waterfalls drops into a shallow pool at the trail.

Mount Greylock summit (map): The foliage on Mount Greylock was past-peak when we were there. Yet the view from the summit was still to-die-for.  Climb to the top of the memorial for an even better look.  The  tower features a lighthouse beacon originally intended for Boston Harbor, but which somehow ended up atop a mountain.

March Cataract Falls (map): Majestic falls on Mount Greylock.

Pine Cobble Trail (map): Moderate trail with spectacular view of Williamstown. The north side of the summit offers a stunning lookout as well.

Lenox: Home to Tanglewood and beautiful drives under the arbor of giant trees.