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The Reformatory Branch Trail

Once you reach the terminus of the Minuteman Bikeway at Bedford Railroad Depot, most people turn around and head back. It’s understandable, because it’s a 10.5 mile ride back to Alewife Station in Cambridge. If I’m on a road bike, this is usually a water stop on the way to the northwest suburbs (Concord, Carlisle, Chelmsford, etc). However, it turns out that there other two other bike paths that start (or end) here. One is the “single-gauge trail”, which is a gravel path that heads across Bedford toward Chelmsford. The other is a 5-mile hard-packed dirt trail that terminates near the Old North Bridge, an important site in the American Revolution. As added bonus, it also runs right by the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. The ride is quite scenic, as it winds through forest and swamp and skirts a couple of conservation areas. I have a feeling that we will be getting to know this trail quite well.

The map data was recorded on my GPS tracker, which I exported to GPX format and uploaded to Google Map.