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Acadia National Park: The Bubbles

Map of our hike on the North and South Bubble Mountains

When seen from a distance, it’s immediately obvious why the Bubbles are so named, though I’m sure you can think of more colorful analogies. Located just a short distance from the Park Loop Road and the popular Jordan Pond, they’re some of the most accessible climbs in the park. Both offer splendid views of Jordan Pond and, in the distance, the islands off the southern coast of Mount Desert Island.

We parked at the trail head of the Bubble Divide Trail, which neatly bisects North and South Bubble. We ascended South Bubble first. At only 768’/238m it doesn’t seem like much, but it is quite a bit taller than Gorham Mountain (525’/163m) and requires a brisk climb.

A bit beyond the summit is the main attraction, Bubble Rock, a gigantic boulder precariously balanced on a ledge on the side of the mountain.

The view from the other side is more striking.

You can try to move it, but it likely won’t budge.

The Leaning Rock of South Bubble.

My god… it’s full of trees.

Next up was North Bubble (872’/266m). This dramatic cliff descends to Jordan Pond which can be glimpsed at the corner.

As promised the view is lovely.

And the return trip is just as scenic. Here’s a rock we dubbed “Bubble Chunk”.

The mountain sides are carpeted with trees. We will have to return in the autumn for the color show.

A last look at the Bubble Rock from the Park Loop Road.