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Revere Beach Sand Sculptures

The annual Revere Beach sculpting festival concluded over the weekend. But since it hadn’t rained, we figured there’s a good chance the sculptures were still around. We got there around twilight, which was even better because the absence of mid-day shadows allowed the subtle details of the sculptures to come out.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.

Not sure what this represents, other than a study in perspectives.

The rather grotesque and provocatively Lovecraftian gorehound.

Trying to fit in.

A prince of the aquatic kingdom.

What appears to be an Alien face-hugger#Facehugger) attacking a hermit crab.

This half-man, half-snake creature (Cobro?) could be the stuff of your worst nightmare.

This is oddly tame considering the wildly fantastic …beings around it.

This is the back…

…and the front. The title: Everyone has a dark side. This gal would get a lot of dates online, though.

Cyclops is weeping.

Mother Earth in pain is perhaps inspired by Death Becomes Her.

This brings us to my favorite piece by Stephane Robert.