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Sports I Would Watch

…if I had an unlimited amount of free time, bathroom breaks and no desire to have a life.

  1. Olympic men’s hockey
  2. Bruins hockey
  3. NHL hockey
  4. IIHF tournament hockey such as the World Juniors
  5. Top-flight European professional hockey (KHL, Swedish Elite League, Finnish Elite League)
  6. Olympic women’s hockey. It’s enjoyable but less exciting than the men’s game due to the lack of strong competition; basically it’s a 2-horse race between Canada and USA. Also there’s no checking and it’s slower.
  7. College hockey
  8. AHL hockey
  9. High school hockey
  10. Tour de France
  11. Other Summer and Winter Olympic sports
  12. Bandy. I’ve never seen this Swedish specialty, but this hockey-soccer hybrid is tantalizing. Putting the players on skates is one way to make soccer more exciting.
  13. Pick-up hockey in a rink or on a pond
  14. Roller hockey
  15. Canadian shinny
  16. European indoor roller hockey. They play on rollerskates. Seriously. I’ve only seen it a few times. It’s exciting and weird.
  17. Figure skating
  18. Midget/Bantam/Squirt/Mite hockey. Midget is an official youth hockey designation, it doesn’t mean the game is played by midgets, Borderlands-style.
  19. Midget hockey, Borderlands-style
  20. Street hockey
  21. A couple of guys practicing with sticks and puck
  22. Soccer
  23. Volleyball (not beach)
  24. Tennis

… and many sports later