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Gateway to Banff

Canmore is best known as a resort town situated at the border of Banff National Park, on the southern tip of the Canadian Rockies. All the tourists, adventure-types, campers, backpackers, bikers, motorhoming grandparents probably pass through here on their way to the Canadian Rockies. Highway 1A runs through town and Highway 1, aka the Trans-Canada Highway, is just a stone’s throw away.

That is to say, most people ignore Canmore and make a beeline for Banff. Not a great idea, we’ve heard, since Canmore has many excellent trails and offers great views of the Three Sisters peaks.

Unfortunately we had no way to verify the veracity of these reports because we made like the typical tourists and headed straight for Banff :)

Room with a view

Chateau Canmore’s angular red roofs dominate the flat skyline of Canmore. From the back of the hotel you can see the distant serrated peaks of the Three Sisters. At sunset golden light will bounce off these peaks while the rest of the valley is swallowed by darkness. A scene of awe-inspiring beauty and majesty.

The hotel comes with its own restaurant, the German-flavored Gasthaus. If you run into a cute dark-haired waitress with a French-Canadian accent, please tell her I said hi :)

Last visit: 2002