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Bonnieux and Julien

This region of the Provence is dotted with picturesque villages. Morever, I would have been more than happy to just drive around and try to absorb the pleasant and oftentimes spectacular landscape. Predictably, time didn’t allow it. But I purposedly chose the way back through Bonnieux to be able to see Pont Julien. In retrospect it was my undoing because we ended up getting lost after dark and I got into a lot of troubles for it :) Nevertheless, we eventually found our way back to the motorway after some memorable nighttime driving, none the worse for wear. In retrospect, I can tell you the routes we took, if anyone else is also interested in getting lost and yelled at :)

But back to the relevant topic. Bonnieux could almost qualify as a perched village. The main road passes right through town, and as you drive up the hillside, you’d be driving among houses. Somehow I was just struck by this fact. Pont Julien is a few km away. The bridge survived largely intact from Roman times, and remarkably still bears traffic.

Last visit: May 2004