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The great fountain

For something to be the fountain of the whole region, it must be a remarkable one. Indeed, this natural spring lays claim to being the largest in France and 5th largest in the world. No wonder it’s one of the most popular destinations in Provence, even though the tiny town/shop complex hardly seemed to be able to sustain a massive influx of tourists. Nevertheless, we kind of got clued in to the popularity of this place after seeing 2 massive parking lots, a row of souvenir shops, and a gaggle of school kids behind us.

I guess I would have been more impressed during the wet season. A graded scale indicated the level of the water, which could be very high. While I was there the water level was low and unspectacular. Nevertheless, the trail to the fountain was a nice hike, as it ran along a tree-shaded stream with a pretty shade of green.

On the way out, we had a nice picnic alongside the road. From a memorial plaque, it turned out the rugged region was home to the French resistance during World War II. After lunch, it was off to much more interesting Gordes.

Ruins of a 14th-century castle were the most impressive sight for me.

The Roman-style 11th-century church of Notre Dame de St-Veran.