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Glorious Gordes

Ah, how to describe Gordes. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, along came the perched villages. And among the perched villages of Provence, Gordes has to be among the prettiest. The sight of impeccably constructed houses, complete with gardens, built into, and blending perfectly with, the cliffsides is a spectacle I won’t soon forget.

Le village des Bories

Just a stone’s throw from Gordes is the unique Village des Bories. The village is a collection of well-preserved stone huts which at first glance appear pre-historic, thanks to their archaic appearance and the manner in which they were built. This would not seem out of place, as Provence is among the oldest continuously inhabited regions since the dawn of human history. However, estimates based on objects found at the site have placed their construction anywhere from the 15th to the 18th century. Nevertheless, this village is a unique, and completely unexpected, sight (I find myself saying that a lot in Provence). Shall we say, “historic monument”? I think so.

Gordes sights

Last visit: 2004 Pros: View that will blow you away Cons: A bit hard to get to