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Eating Honfleur

Memories of Honfleur

The town of Honfleur was of especial interest to us for a good reason. It was our second to last day in Normandie and we still hadn’t had fruits-de-mer yet! So looking for a nice establishment in which to sample the Normandie specialty was our top priority. Earlier we had followed the Michelin guide’s recommendations to Trouville/Deauville, but didn’t find them to our liking. So we came back to Honfleur. The harbor front was lined with restaurants, so we duly sat down in one that looked promising. We did not regret coming out here, because the seafood was heavenly. What did we order? The biggest thing there was on the menu :)

Honfleur has had a long history as an important seaport. In fact, there is a plaque commemorating Samuel de Champlain. The engravings state, “With ships and crews from the port of Honfleur, he explored Acadia and Canada from 1603 to 1607. Leaving from the same port in 1608, he founded the city of Quebec”. Clearly, a pretty important piece of Canadian history lies in this tiny seaport!

Last visit: 2004 Pros: Seafood Cons: The weather In a nutshell: Weather is minor obstacle if you like seafood