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Exotic Nîmes

Our tour of Nimes was rather a whirlwind one because immediately afterwards we had to drive practically the length of La Provence to get to Nice before dark. The influence of France’s southern neighbor is obvious in the architecture and the choice of entertainment: bullfighting!

Traces of its Roman past are also abundant in Nimes. This arena has withstood the test of time and looks much as it did centuries ago.

Of course that marvel of Roman engineering, a little something known as Pont du Gard, is practically down the street from Nimes.

The rectangular house, La Maison Carree, is another Roman antiquity. It’s said to have perfect proportions. What these are exactly you’ll have to look up on the Internet :)

Pont du Gard

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than this structure is the fact that one can still walk through it as the Romans must have done what seem like eons ago. Other than admiring the architecture and letting it all soak in, many people also came here for picnic, hiking, and kayaking.