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Phabulous Peille

Peille was the first perched village we visited in the Alpes-Maritimes. While it was disliked by certain other VT reviewers, and I have to agree that it is touristy, I still liked it very much. I especially enjoyed exploring the town’s maze-like network of narrow alleys, walking up a broad stone staircase, or squeezing through a tunnel to find myself in another alley. Sometimes I felt like I were in the “impossible staircases” drawing of MC Escher. And there was something about the cracked stone steps and lichen-encrusted walls that evoked memories of another time and place. I guess this place brought back childhood’s fascination with exploration that I hope I’ll never grow out of.

Peille was the largest of the perched villages that we visited. From the town’s monument, located on a high vantage point, one could observe the valley below and the road mending its way on the side of the surrounding mountains. Or look at the town from a different angle. Seemed like satellite TV was popular here.

Peille sight

Last visit: 2004 Pros: Maze of alleys, stairs, tunnels Cons: Somewhat touristy