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The hanging garden of Saorge

Provence never ceases to wonder. When Saorge appeared like an apparition above the road, my jaw must have dropped a few inches. This is probably the best view of it, taken from the approach below the town. Inside, the village seems a little more rustic and less touristy than other perched villages in the area. The drive here from Peille was especially nice, but I don’t think I could have taken any more switchbacks. The drive back via Menton was also very scenic, as the road winds along the bottom of a gorge. We were also close to the Italian border so we got to take a little detour into Italy. There, I’ve been to Italy at last :)

View on the way from Peille to Saorge.

Last visit: 2004 Pros: Jaw-dropping view Cons: Hard to get to