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Twin cities

We traversed the Normandy coast from Dieppe to Le Havre while keeping an eye out for a suitable establishment in which to sample the famous fruits-de-mer, but weren’t successful. It took another trip before we found something to our liking in Honfleur, but before that we had a nice detour to Trouville and Deauville, its twin sister just across the Touques river.

A coastal fishing and resort town, Deauville has a small harbor, an unspectacular casino, and a nice, empty stretch of sandy beach fronted by mansion-like hotels (so far as I can tell). Having just arrived from la Cote d’Azure (after a very long drive :), the difference is quite striking. In all fairness, I imagine that the towns would be more lively in better weather (it was stormy when we visited, and our impression of the weather of la Manche wasn’t too positive).

I had fun taking pictures of these colorful boats. And the weather after the downpour is preternaturally clear.

The beach front is a picturesque expanse of sloping roofs and bay windows one often sees in France.

Trouville harbor

Last visit: 2004