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Cherry capital

Vernon is one of the larger towns of Département de l’Eure. We stayed in virtually unknown Connelles not far from here. Of the fruit in France, we like cherries the best. They’re smaller but far sweeter and juicier than those in the USA. Even though the best we had was in the Provence, at Pont du Gard of all places, there happened to a “Cherry Festival” (fete des cerises) in Vernon, so here we were.

Well, the cherries didn’t live up to expectations, but the festival, which was more like an open market, was mildly entertaining. There was even a “travelling Old West show” complete with cowboys and Indians and a mechanical horse to play with. Not exactly the side of French culture one’d see in Paris, although we were on the bank of the very same Seine.

We had nice picnic on the bank of the Seine, as this family was doing, with an old water mill in the background.

We weren’t planning on it, but earlier we made a serendipitous discovery (from just perusing the map, no less) much to our delight that Vernon is only a few km from Giverny! So after the picnic we packed up and headed for Monet’s garden.

Vernon Hôtel de Ville.

The tree-line country lane in Normandy is a picture of symmetry and harmony. The only one I had a chance to go down was near Vernon.