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Monaco, Monaco

This city/country/principality was what I expected. It’s impeccably clean, densely packed, expensive and not particularly interesting from a tourist’s perspective. But how often can one say one visited a country in a day?

We visited the Oceanographic Institute which was founded in 1906 by Prince Albert I. The underground aquarium lived up to its billing, though there wasn’t much else for visitors to see aside from that. It was also pricey to get in. On the other hand, the parking garage is well executed and a model of efficiency. I wish they would have more here in the USA.

We came here just a few days after the famous Grand Prix. The road-side stands erected for the event were still up. Driving on the streets you can almost imagine what it’d be like to be in the race.

The renowned Monte Carlo Casino (I had to shoot at this angle to avoid the ugly crane in the background). The real thing is, of course, more impressive than the Las Vegas copy, but not by much. One has to pay and check in all bags before entering. I suppose it’s reasonable because otherwise it would be overwhelmed with free-loading tourists. But as someone who’s from Las Vegas and used to its proletariat ways, I find it somewhat objectionable.

Yachts, yachts and more yachts. No doubt about it, the rich and famous live here :)

Last visit: May 2004