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The Hague

We arrived in The Hague to another warm welcome. Our hosts treated us like family, even though we had just met. As the city is the seat of government of the Netherlands (even though Amsterdam is the capital), there are many Dutch government buildings here, as well as many international institutions. Even though it was well-organized and had the look and feel of a planned city, The Hague again appeared to be small. In fact, the whole country seemed small to me. I remember having been driven from one corner of the country to another in just a few hours. This was very new to me, being in Europe for the first time and accustomed to the vast distances in the USA.

The residence of the royal family. Incidentally, Queen Beatrix actually spent part of her childhood in exile during WWII in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

The world court.

A government building.

We also visited the interesting miniature theme park, Madurodam. However, most of my photos from there were ruined, most probably by a defective camera and not by a defective photographer (at least I like to think so :) This trip was my first serious foray into photography. I had only an all-manual Canon AF-1 with a fixed 50mm lens, so possibilities were limited. Even though I took 14 (24- and 36-exposure) rolls in Paris and 7 in Holland, a lot of the photos turned out to be ruined, so I don’t have much to show here. After the trip, frustrated by all the ruined shots and forever lost opportunities, I upgraded to a better SLR, so this trip had some side benefits after all.

Last visit: June 1999