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Glacier National Park

Until ten thousand years ago, much of the northern hemisphere was covered by vast glaciers, in places, several thousand feet thick in places. Thankfully they have largely disappear, but some remnants remain for us to explore. Glacier NP is such a place.

Hundred of miles of hiking trails take you to the edge of glaciers, or to mountain peaks, the roof of the world. In the spring, alpine meadows explode with the colors of blooming flowers. Wildlife abounds here, and you’re as likely to see a sure-footed big-horn sheep clinging to the mountain side as to see a bald eagle soaring overhead. Further below are cold, fresh mountain streams, nourished by the immaculate water of melting glaciers, and ancient forests of giant cedar and hemlock.

The clear blue water of the Avalanche Creek seen from the Trail of the Giant Cedars.

Lush forests are commonplace here.

Trail of the Giant Cedars

This wooden walkway takes you through a carpets of ferns and groves of giant trees. Immerse yourself in the primeval setting; you’d almost expect to see a T-rex come bursting out of the bushes any moment now.

Going to the Sun road

There probably isn’t a better name for the main road that traverses the park than “Going-to-the-Sun”. There probably isn’t a more scenic highway anywhere else in the world, though stretches of the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper come close. And this is certain, there isn’t a highway that’s higher than this anywhere else.

The 2-lane road takes you through the park and high up above the valley, and to breathtaking vistas. Often the only thing separating you and a precipitous plunge is a narrow ledge of rock. This is not the road for a driver who’s afraid of heights! But ample rewards will be yours.