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Cannon Beach

Rocks, Sand and Surf

Cannon Beach is one of Oregon’s most picturesque, and most popular, stretches of coast. Its most unique feature is the fantastic Haystack Rock. Needless to say, in early August when we were there the area overflowed with beachgoers.

We decided to skip Cannon Beach altogether and head for the quiet beaches of adjacent Ecola State Park. Ecola SP has no less wonderful beaches, and also groves of lush temperate rain forest teeming with ferns. In the midst of the rainforest you would feel as if you’d been transported back to the times of the dinosaurs.

Twisted tree along the coastline of Ecola State Park north of Cannon Beach.

Carpets of ferns line the bed of the temperate rain forests in Ecola State Park.

Serrated coastline

Gaggles of rocks litter the coast.

Mists often envelope the upper slopes.

Lion rock

Beach littered with timber.

Lone hiker accentuates the difference in scale.

Moss-covered tree barks in the temperate rain forest.

Lush is the only adjective I can come up with.